Children’s Book Week

07 May

Children’s Book Week 2012 Poster by David Wiesner

Happy Children’s Book Week!

From May 7th to 13th, this long-running national initiative promotes literacy and celebrates books for young people.

It’s founded on the belief that reading children’s books changes lives. Its declaration from almost one hundred years ago that “a great nation is a reading nation” remains true even to this day.

Sponsored by The Children’s Book Council, one of the big events is the 5th annual Children’s Choice Book Awards Gala on May 7th. This is the “only national book awards program where the winning titles are selected by children and teens of all ages.”

Of course, events can be held anywhere, anytime- in the privacy of your home, for example, reading a bedtime story to your child.

Every time I volunteer at The Children’s Book Bank, as part of introducing ourselves, we each share a favorite children’s book. From “Goodnight Moon” to “The Giving Tree,” “Where the Wild Things Are” to “Love You Forever,” books in the Harry Potter and Encyclopedia Brown series, and lots of works by Dr. Seuss, people tend to smile and nod in agreement when they hear the list of titles. That’s where I see the long-lasting effects of children’s literature.

As I mentioned in a previous post, for every comment made in the month of April, I was going to donate the same amount of books to The Children’s Book Bank. I’m happy to say 12 books will be donated!

How will you celebrate Children’s Book Week?


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