Reading Rockets

13 May

One of the best things with randomly browsing the library shelves is finding a book you never knew you were looking for and immediately wanting to read it! In this case, it was the DVD “Reading Rockets: Launching Young Readers” and I’m so glad I picked it up and watched it.

This DVD contains five episodes from the PBS series “Reading Rockets” focusing on how children learn to read and develop the skills to become successful readers.

The episodes: *The Roots of Reading *Sounds and Symbols *Fluent Reading *Writing and Spelling *Reading for Meaning

Each episode has a celebrity host- Fred Rogers, Vivica A. Fox, and Frank McCourt, just to name a few. Experts would then talk about certain topics but the thing that drove it home were when they went into schools and showed the principles and concepts in action. It was inspiring to see teachers engaging their students in ways that were fun and effective. As an aspiring writer, I also enjoyed the segments where they would visit a children’s book author like William Joyce or Walter Dean Myers.

The DVD also contains over 90 minutes of bonus footage- more expert opinions and more topics. Then, there’s the website, which is practically a treasure trove of content that I have yet to discover for myself.

I can’t recommend “Reading Rockets: Launching Young Readers” enough to others who are interested in literacy and education!


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