Read for the Record with Ladybug Girl and the Bug Squad!

10 Jul

I’m always excited when I discover a new children’s book that’s so good I want to share it with others right away! “Ladybug Girl” is the current book I’m wild about and is written by husband and wife team David Soman and Jacky Davis.

Lulu (Ladybug Girl) is a great character that both boys and girls can relate to and whose adventures they’ll enjoy following. I just love how she uses her imagination to solve problems- and that’s a great lesson kids can take away from it without having it been forced down their throats. The illustrations (done by David Soman) add another element of fun to the book.

What makes “Ladybug Girl” even better is that it’s part of a series. Each additional story is as charming as the last one. Visit the Ladybug Girl website for more information on the books and check out the activities!

Lulu’s friend Sam, featured in two “Ladybug Girl” books, even has a spin-off with “The Adventures of Bumblebee Boy,” which I also recommend!

A couple of “Ladybug Girl” titles are part of We Give Books Read for My Summer program. You can read those (plus a few more, including a Spanish edition) on We Give Books for free now!

Another exciting thing is that “Ladybug Girl and the Bug Squad” is this year’s Read for the Record selection! You can pledge to join millions of others promote literacy and “set a new world record for the greatest number of people reading the same book” on October 4, 2012!


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