Halloween 2012

01 Nov

I truly had one of the best bookish moments of my life on Halloween- and I just wanted to share it!

In a previous post, I talked about All Hallow’s Read and how it’s a new tradition of giving out books to kids on Halloween. It’s great that a lot of people are hearing about it now but the concept isn’t really new at all.

Recently, I met a lady who’s been doing exactly that for many years now! And as much as I want to recognize her for doing something so wonderful, she doesn’t want publicity or anything that might take the fun out of her “little operation.” So, I have to be a tad secretive on some of the details.

I enjoyed greeting the trick-or-treaters and telling them they were getting something better than candy- that they got to have a book instead! And they had a great selection to choose from- sticker and activity books, classics, fiction, and nonfiction.

On the front door were the covers to help them decide what they wanted. They were arranged so the younger kids could see the ones appropriate for their age group/reading level and the teenagers’ options were higher up. After they picked a title, someone else would pull it from the table of books, arranged alphabetical by title.

I loved the rule the lady set up that kids in the same household had to choose different titles so they can share what they got and have more of a selection when they got home!

I felt extremely lucky to be part of this. I was practically smiling the whole time. The kindness and passion of others is what MOVES me to be a better person.

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