Looking Back and Looking Forward

02 Jan

Looking Back

– Number of posts: 62
– Number of comments: 197
– Highest number of page views on a single day: 95 on October 1, 2012
– Most overall views: 491 for Read for the Record with Ladybug Girl and the Bug Squad!
– Most commented post: 13 for What Are You Reading?- September 23, 2012
– Number of books donated: 12 from my birthday challenge post

Looking Forward

– Post an IMWAYR post every week
– Post a non-IMWAYR post every week
– Have a schedule of planned and advanced posts
– Share more personal stuff
– Comment on every person’s reply on IMWAYR posts directly or on their site
– Comment on at least 5 other sites in addition to the ones above weekly

Commitment to Literacy

As I mentioned previously, I’ll be donating books to a non-profit for every comment left on this blog. That’s just one part of my Commitment to Literacy.

If I can get everyone I know to get a library card and/or (but preferably and) to read at least one book this year, then I’d be happy/ happier. If this post has made you do any of those things, let me know. If you already have a library card, tell me. If you’ve read a book this year already, please share your thoughts on it with me.

Thank you for joining, encouraging and supporting me! Happy Reading!


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