Stephen Savage

05 Feb

One of the best things about working at Green Bean Books is getting to meet writers and illustrators who stop by to do readings.

A few days ago, I was beyond thrilled that Stephen Savage was kind enough to come to the store to promote “Polar Bear Morning,” a picture book he illustrated and was written by Lauren Thompson.

I enjoyed his wordless picture book “Where’s Walrus?” for its clever storyline of an escaped walrus hiding in plain sight from a zookeeper. The illustrations are clean and simple with a refreshing retro vibe. Check out the fun trailer for the book by clicking on the book cover.

Where's Walrus? by Stephen Savage

Where’s Walrus? by Stephen Savage

I love recommending “Little Tug.” I think I like it best when he’s both the writer and illustrator. Everything about this picture book from its message of community to its (once again) smooth, retro images is comforting. It’s a cute story perfect for bedtime.

I really wish more people attended the event because he was a really cool guy. I was impressed by the way he interacted with the kids as he read his books. Plus, he did a couple drawing activities with them- crazy lines and exquisite corpses.

Stephen Savage with some fans

Stephen Savage with some fans

He was also really insightful. He talked about his process, collaborating with others on a project, and his creative background of being an editorial artist to a picture book illustrator. While on the subject of “Where’s Walrus?” he mentioned how diagonals help with chase scenes because they convey movement.

His upcoming work is a counting book “Ten Orange Pumpkins” (due in late 2013) and a sequel to “Where’s Walrus?” which is still in its very early stages of conception. Already, I can’t wait!


One response to “Stephen Savage

  1. Myra GB

    February 11, 2013 at 8:02 am

    Oh wow, you do have an awesome job. 🙂 Author/Artist visits are the best. 🙂


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