Oliver Jeffers

01 May

Oliver Jeffers.

He’s someone who people I know just seem to love. He’s my boss’ favorite writer. And my friend is quite smitten by him. So, I wanted to see what all the fuss was about.

The first title I read of his was The Incredible Book Eating Boy a few years ago. I thought it was fun and quirky especially the surprise at the end but never did pick up any of his other works. Until a few weeks ago, when I decided to read all of his books…

I still wasn’t getting the appeal after reading first picture book How to Catch a Star. But after that, I finally understood why he’s as popular as he is. I can see why he’s won awards and rave reviews.

His stories are wildly imaginative with their own charms. He has a (writing and illustrative) style all his own. The attention to detail is great in all of his books. I love the references to his other books. I even enjoy reading the author bios after each one. I like how he can go from silly (Stuck) to poignant (The Heart in the Bottle) with his offerings and sometimes in the same book (This Moose Belongs to Me.) I can’t wait to read more of his books, especially if it features the boy in the striped shirt (Lost and Found, The Way Back Home, Up and Down.) His other books are The Great Paper Caper and The Hueys series.

I’ve definitely been recommending him more to customers!

I was surprised he has illustrated books not written by him (John Boyne’s Noah Barleywater Runs Away, for example) and that he also paints, some of which can be viewed on his website.

Also worth checking out is the short animated film of Lost and Found. It was beautiful and truly remarkable!

What’s your favorite Oliver Jeffers book?


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