Summer Reading 2013

09 May

We’ve been having great weather here in Portland, Oregon. And, I was on vacation last month so both of these factors remind me that Summer is just around the corner.

To repeat what I said last year: I know reading is the last thing on young people’s minds during this time of year. But there are more and more incentives out there for them to pick up a book.

Libraries are inviting everyone to “dig into reading-” to go “beneath the surface” for their next “groundbreaking reads.” I enjoyed volunteering as a Summer Reading Assistant last year and I recommend that people check out what their library has to offer!

Barnes & Noble continues their Imagination’s Destination reading program where kids can earn free books. From May 21st to September 3rd, kids can read 8 books and fill out the reading journal of who they would recommend them to and why.

We Give Books has their Read for My Summer program for children aged 10 or younger. More details can be found on their site.

Scholastic’s Summer Challenge’s goal for 2013 is to beat 2012’s 95,859,491 minutes. They’re asking kids “how far can you go?” starting at the Colosseum and all the way into the Moon.

Even financial positions are getting into this act. TD Bank offers $10 into a kid’s account with them after reading 10 books.

What other summer reading programs do you know of that are available for kids- and adults?


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