#FlashbackFriday (2)- Green Bean Books

12 Jul
Every Friday, I will “flashback” to an older journal entry or post pertaining to books, reading or writing. I will then write a short follow-up to it.

Every Friday, I will “flashback” to an older journal entry or post pertaining to books, reading or writing. I will then write a short follow-up to it.

“Green Bean Books is a children’s bookstore that recently opened in Portland’s Alberta district. Walking inside is an invitation to leave the grown up world behind and just be a kid again. I was warmly greeted by the owner who chose the name “Green Bean Books” because it sounded fun. The handmade decorations give you a hint of Jennifer Green’s previous profession as an elementary school teacher. There are also a lot of quirky personal touches around the store like the ‘instant disguise machine’ and a gumball machine that dispenses pompom pets.”

I wrote the above post almost three years ago- August 2009- the summer Green Bean Books opened. And, it has, since then, become my most favorite bookstore in Portland. I can’t tell you how many people I’ve brought there to show it off.

Each time I visit, by myself or with a friend, I always feel welcome. Every good thing I wrote about it before are still true.
A highlight for me whenever I go to Green Bean Books is that I can always get a fantastic book recommendation. Jennifer even gave me suggestions for my A to Z Children’s Picture Book Series Challenge!
So, if you find yourself feeling too grown up for your own good, a visit to Green Bean Books may just help you reconnect with your inner child- and help you find some great books in the process!

-excerpt, May 3, 2012

Apparently, this week’s #FlashbackFriday is already a flashback!

But a lot has happened since I wrote about Green Bean Books just over a year ago. First, I started working there last summer. My one-year anniversary is later this month, in fact. I couldn’t have asked for a better place to work in. I’ve probably gone on and on about how I love bookselling and connecting with other readers.

And, the reason I chose this entry was Green Bean Books just celebrated its 4th Birthday! We gave away pom-pom pets to all the kids who bought something that day!


We’re also growing, having had a new gate and an outdoor deck cover constructed recently. Plus, a new front porch is being worked on. I got to make signs that said “This way to…” Narnia, Hogwarts, Wildwood, Oz, and Wonderland. Nothing fancy but I think it added a touch of a whimsy and magic, that not only do books provide but that Green Bean Books does as well!


You can view signs and shelftalkers I make and other pics of what it’s like working at the store here.

Get a virtual tour by going to the Walden Pond Press blog when they featured Green Bean Books during #IndieThursday a couple months ago!


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