New Releases: August 6, 2013

06 Aug

Today is a great day for new releases. I read three picture books and just wanted to share my reviews right away so everyone can go out and read them!


Journey by Aaron Becker

In this wordless picture book, we follow the adventures of a girl who finds a red marker that allows her to create things into existence- from a door that lets her enter a whole new world filled with beauty and danger to a magic carpet that will take her to a place of even more surprising discovery and wonder, home. Aaron Becker’s illustrations are superb and worth poring over to catch all the little details he put in!


Ike’s Incredible Ink by Brianne Farley

For anyone who’s ever felt intimidated by a blank page, this is a great relatable story! Who hasn’t come up with a million other things to do when they’re supposed to be writing? Where do ideas come from anyway? This picture book answers these questions in a funny roundabout way. It’s true what they say, write about what you know. Now, if I can only apply that lesson to myself!


Dinosaur Kisses by David Ezra Stein

I can’t even tell you how absolutely cute this picture is! Dinah the dinosaur loves life and wants to do everything she sees others do- like stomp, chomp, and kiss. She’s mastered the first two skills but readers will delight in seeing how she tries to figure out how to kiss.

Happy Reading!


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