Meet Elroy

14 Sep

It’s incredible where inspiration can come from!

My boss went on vacation and I had to water the plants, which is a pretty big deal considering there were tools involved- hoses and attachments and such. So naturally my mind began to wander and I imagined a future for myself where I would basically be doing the same thing- watering plants, that is. And, in that particular timeline, there was a boy named Elroy who wears bow ties and has two dads.


Even though I can’t draw that well, I began sketching him. I figured the more I can visualize someone, the more real they’ll seem. And the better I’ll know them. And the better I’ll know their stories. Which actually worked, which actually worked, surprising even myself because I’d tell myself anything.


It’s always exciting to meet someone new, even if they are fictional, but even as I began learning more about Elroy, I was feeling I was neglecting Max, my other character. But it turned out it was good to leave him behind for awhile to figure out who else would be populating his world.


It’s been exhilarating figuring out their worlds co-exist with one another!

Well, thanks for being patient with the “children’s book writer” part of this blog. I’m excited to have ideas I want to share.


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