Inside Wildwood

27 Feb

Multnomah County Library is celebrating the Wildwood Chronicles– a middle-grade fantasy series set in Portland, Oregon- with Inside Wildwood: Colin Meloy, Carson Ellis, with a little Decemberists thrown in…


Inside Wildwood features a behind the scenes look at the creative process of the husband and wife duo Colin Meloy and Carson Ellis with original artwork, first drafts, rough sketches, and other fascinating materials.

Maybe it’s the local aspect of the books but the series is super popular where I work. But I’m sure it’s also due to the rich world Colin has created with his words and Carson has expanded with her illustrations.

I heard them speak a year or so ago when Under Wildwood came out. I’ll have to dig through my journals to see if I wrote about that. I can’t remember any specifics but I remember being inspired by them- working together for so long and on different projects.

In fact, after I finished looking at this exhibit, I ended up listening to Colin’s band The Decemberists and their song “California One/ Youth and Beauty Brigade” which has a shout-out of the Multnomah County Library. Then, I checked out Lemony Snicket’s The Composer is Dead illustrated by Carson. I also looked at another one of her work, the Picture Book Proclamation, written by Mac Barnett. She definitely has a signature style!

Inside Wildwood is on view at Central’s Library Collins Gallery and open during its hours of operation until April 5th.


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