Shelftalker Reviews

13 May

With bookselling, it’s true what they say: So many books, so little time… to talk about them all! One of the ways we (at least, I do) get around this is by making shelftalkers. So, I’ve decided to share some of these for some more recent novels.


The Secret Hum of a Daisy
is a story about loss- and life after loss. Grace’s mom passes away and she is forced to live with a grandmother she doesn’t know. One day an origami crane appears out of nowhere and sets her off on a treasure hunt. Where will it take her? What will she find at the end? Lyrically written and full of symbolism, the words are full of beautiful truths bursting with heart and hope.


If you love Celtic mythology and codes, fantastic battles between good and evil, start reading Beyond the Door, the first title in the Time Out of Time duology. A Scrabble-loving boy, his older sister, and a school bully must learn to work together despite their differences to battle the Dark forces. Includes elements of what makes A Wrinkle in Time and the Harry Potter and the Percy Jackson books so popular but maintaining a uniqueness of its own!


Witchcraft tore Kara’s family apart and made her and her brother outcasts. Witchcraft will open a door to a dark world full of nightmarish creatures and terrible acts. This is just the beginning of a story about whether you’re destined to repeat your parent’s mistakes or learn from them.


Mystery and mayhem are in no shortage in this historical novel about a child prodigy operating a mechanical chess-playing contraption called the Turk. How long can this deception go on? The answer has very serious and fatal consequences! Features cameos from Edgar Allan Poe and P.T. Barnum!


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