Daydreams & Fairy Tales

27 May

Daydreams & Fairy Tales is a collection of words and images inspired by Mariah Carey’s album Daydream. I’ve had the idea for years now and it felt like the right project to focus on.

My notebook for this project!

My notebook for this project!

Daydreams & Fairy Tales is not fan-fiction. Aside from the first title (“Fantasy”) none of the short stories share the same name of the other songs. I’ve just been deeply inspired by Mariah Carey’s music over the years- and particularly by Daydream. I tried to capture the different types of emotions and styles embodied in the album.

I’ve decided to go the self-publishing route for this because I see it as a whole learning experience- from the project’s inception to its release and everything in between- coming up with the story ideas, learning new skills for the art, having a finished product, and figuring out the best way to get it out to readers.

Daydreams & Fairy Tales will be available as an e-book and as a limited edition print book on October 3, 2014. Prior to that release, I will have a new website launch on July 2nd that will incorporate The Chronicles Of A Children’s Book Writer and any other projects I may have. Expect a cover reveal of Daydreams & Fairy Tales on this date as well.

“Fantasy” (Part One) will be available on the website in August. A “Fantasy” sampler containing the two parts from Daydreams & Fairy Tales plus an exclusive bonus short story will be released digitally September 12th.

I’m very excited for Daydreams & Fairy Tales and I hope you will be too! Thanks for taking this journey with me!


One response to “Daydreams & Fairy Tales

  1. The Styling Librarian

    June 2, 2014 at 6:48 am

    Shall look forward to following this journey!


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