New Releases: September 16, 2014

16 Sep

Jackaby by William Ritter [***]

Jackaby by William Ritter [***]

I think this will be a big hit! Fans of Sherlock Holmes (especially the Benedict Cumberbatch portrayal) will enjoy this first in a series debut that mixes mystery with more than a splash of the supernatural. A runaway suddenly finds herself far away from home and working for an eccentric detective. Ghosts, banshees, and blood-thirsty monsters are just some of the things that they must deal with. Likable (and familiar feeling) characters, clever dialogue, and plenty of action make this a must-read for fall!

Mix It Up! by Hervé Tullet [***]

Mix It Up! by Hervé Tullet [***]

The best way to talk about this book is not to talk about Press Here since we all loved that book and it was a unique experience for all of us. This follow-up is also good even though now there is a “been there, done that” kind of feeling. It does manage to be different though since it tackles colors and all the things that happen when you mix them up.

Draw! by Raúl Colón [***]

Draw! by Raúl Colón [***]

This wordless picture book finds a boy alone in his room… and with his drawings and his imagination finds himself in a safari adventure. This would be a fun companion to David Wiesner’s Art & Max. I boosted my rating on this one since the illustrations are awesome and it really is a great story!


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