San Francisco Visit Recap, Part 1

09 Oct

I was very excited for my trip to San Francisco. Even though I grew up there, I was too young to appreciate the richness of art, culture and history though. This was going to make up for it!

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Slide 1: One of the things I wanted to explore was how my culture was represented in the city. The San Francisco Main Public Library had a Filipino American Center.

Slide 2: There were beautiful buildings everywhere.

Slide 3: The building I grew up in.

Slide 4: On a hike in the Presidio, I stumbled upon this makeshift shelter.

Slide 5: The view from Inspiration Point.

Slide 6: I didn’t get to go in the actual exhibits of the Walt Disney Family Museum but I definitely want to next time I’m there!

Slide 7: Hello Goldie!

Slide 8: I walked the Golden Gate Bridge!

Slide 9: I loved how colorful everything seemed to be while I was there.

Slide 10: About to board a Cable Car. My brother and I decided to go on a foodie sort of tour of places where we used to live.

Slide 11: A view from the cable car with Coit Tower in the background.

Slide 12: Fisherman’s Wharf. Clam Chowder on a sourdough bread bowl.

Slide 13: Heart sculpture in Union Square.

My post about the bookstores and libraries I visited will be up tomorrow.

Despite all the cool things I got to see and do, the definite highlight was getting to spend some time with family. I am who I am because of them.

I read books to feel like I’m not alone in my thinking or experiences. It’s nice to know that I am surrounded by people who make me feel I belong, that I am part of something bigger, something special.


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