Review: Hook’s Revenge

26 Mar

Hook’s Revenge
by Heidi Schulz


Our latest Family Book Club at work was Hook’s Revenge by Heidi Schulz. Kids and their parents read the same book and we spend an hour talking about it. Once a season, we try and invite an author to join us. I don’t know if it’s more of a thrill for the other book clubbers or for me! We were lucky enough to have Heidi Schulz drive up to participate! She even brought a pirate chest full of chocolate gold coins!

I’m so happy when I end up liking a book that I originally had no intention of reading when it was first released. Now, I have something to recommend to readers who are in search of fun adventure story with a plucky female protagonist!

Jocelyn Hook is the daughter of the famous and infamous Captain Hook. She’s been tasked to avenge his death from Neverland’s ferocious crocodile. But with a motley crew of pirates, hungry cannibals, haughty mermaids, and a bothersome boy who never grew up, it might be even harder than she already thought it would be!

The unknown narrator is a hoot. I love the fresh take of a familiar fairy tale and I can’t wait for the next book in the series! The Pirate Code comes out September 15th.


It’s so fascinating to hear the stories behind author’s books, particularly, at least, for me, how names were chosen.

Heidi gave great advice to aspiring writers: read more, write more, and trust your gut.

She read an excerpt from the sequel and shared some of unfinished illustrations from John Hendrix.

She also shared a couple personal incidents involving giraffes. Coincidentally, she has a picture book coming out soon enough- Giraffes Ruin Everything! I can’t wait for that, as well!


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