Review: State of Giving

16 Jul

State of Giving: Stories of Oregon Nonprofits, Donors, and Volunteers
by Greg Chaillé, Kristin Anderson


Reading this book took me forever to read- not because I didn’t like it but because I was constantly being inspired and had to put it down to mull things about. I would have thought the format of talking about each non-profit- what they do, what help they need- would bore me like reading a textbook but the people and the stories behind each one gives readers a connection.

I was definitely introduced to people I would consider heroes and to causes and organizations I want to reach out to. It gave me a new way of seeing Portland. The names of some buildings and other structures are now familiar to me because who they were dedicated to.

This book is a necessary call to action. If you’re put off by the specificity of it, don’t be. I think people in other places can use it as a guide to see what’s going on where they live.

It also serves as a reminder to myself and to others: Look for the good in the world. Be the good in the world.

Visit their website at


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