Looking Forward 2016

02 Jan

Commitment to Literacy
-This year, I won’t be chasing hours. I do want to try out new volunteer opportunities and have more meaningful experiences while volunteering.
-I want to do something to pay tribute to my sister Charmaine who passed away a few years ago. She’s always on my mind. Stay tuned for more details.

-Read more of our inventory.
-Interact with authors and illustrators more- face to face or on social media.
-Get to know regular customers better.
-I’m participating in the 12X12X12 Bookstore Challenge. See the image for details.


-Continue being part of the IMWAYR, NFPB, and Celebrate This Week communities.
-Comment on every person’s reply directly or on their site.
-I’ve also started a new blog- Kindness Conversations– which I hope you’ll visit and take part in!


My Reading Life
With all the books I plan on reading this year alone, I’ve decided to participate in these challenges:
-It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? #IMWAYR
-Non-Fiction Picture Book Challenge #NFPB2016
Goal: 104 books including MG and YA
-To Be Read #TBR2016
-Must Read in 2016 #MustReadin2016

-Read 666 books.
-Read more books by Filipino authors and illustrators.

I’ll be posting my Reading Challenges in a few days.

-I’ll be finalizing my picture book draft and start sending it out.
-I’m going to write more with the intent of sharing my stories with others.
-I’m planning on having more conversations with Bookish People.
-I’ll be writing a Story Idea a Day.


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