Kate DiCamillo: An Evening of Hope

03 Mar


Last night, my work Green Bean Books held a very special event at the Alberta Rose Theatre with beloved and bestselling author Kate DiCamillo billed as “An Evening of Hope.” She was there to promote her latest picture book La La La, illustrated by Jaime Kim.

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The event was great- and, really how could it not be? It definitely attracted Book Lovers and Readers. I was so happy not only to see some of my favorite customers but also so many kidlit folks as well. I felt these kinds of events need a kidlit after party!

I loved hearing from people how much Kate’s books meant to them, with kids and adults alike clutching copies of their favorites to their chests. And it always brings a smile to my face hearing how much people love Green Bean Books. To be able to be part of people’s literary experiences- whether introducing them to books or helping them meet their favorite authors and illustrators- is one of the reasons I love being a bookseller.

Kate’s talk was amazing. I enjoyed listening to the inspirations behind her stories and how they were basically all about finding that “radiant connections.” I was surprised when she got off the stage and wandered around the floor during the Q & A. I don’t think I’ve seen an author do that before! One of my favorite responses was when she talked about how her hundreds of rejections taught her to be relentless. It couldn’t have come at a better time since it was just earlier that day I was hesitant to apply for a writing scholarship because I was afraid of getting rejected.

I was nervous to talk to her because I’m sure she had had a long day and also because she was Kate DiCamillo. But she couldn’t be nicer. We chitchatted about certain things including the role of National Ambassador for Young People’s Literature and I joked about how it was my new goal to have my pictures taken with each of them.


And, why not? During “an evening of hope,” anything is possible!

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