Recently, I went to Sylvia Beach Hotel in Newport, Oregon.


I’d been wanting to stay at this book lover’s dream destination ever since I discovered they had literary-themed rooms! A few years ago, a friend took me to check out some of the rooms as a birthday gift!

Here I was nerding out in the Agatha Christie room!

Six years later- and after a generous gift by a fellow writer to follow my creative pursuits-, I decided to treat myself to stay at the Dr. Seuss room.

I wanted to share the awesomeness of the Sylvia Beach Hotel with these pictures but not wanting to spoil it for anyone who wants to go there themselves!

The Hotel:

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The Dr. Seuss Room:

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The Rooms:

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I was like a kid in a candy store the whole time I was there. I wanted to make sure I captured everything! But I’m glad I was able to get some writing done as well since I wanted this to be a writer’s retreat as well. I was able to complete a very, very, very, very rough first draft of a fairy tale I’d been working on!

Someone gave me a Dr. Seuss notebook when they heard which room I was staying in!
I even took a picture with the hotel cat!

One of the highlights was my first dinner there at their Tables of Content restaurant where guests sat together to enjoy a four-course meal. There was an icebreaker option of playing “Two Truths and a Lie” but it turned out we didn’t need it. The seven of us sharing a table all seemed to be kindred spirits.

Tables of Content

One of the guest turned out to be a big fan of The Children’s Book Bank and her friend (unbeknownst to her) was friends with the founder of The Clackamas Bookshelf, two literary nonprofits I’ve volunteered with. Such a small world!

I was so full after dinner but after we shut down the dining room area guests were invited to head upstairs to the library for some hot spiced wine.

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Other things I wanted to do during my vacation was visit some bookstores and libraries (which I’ll post on my other blog) but I was also able to enjoy the beauty of nature along the coast!

Nye Beach: This beach was practically Sylvia Beach Hotel’s front yard! My first morning there I walked all the way to the jetty and then crossed the Yaquina Bay Bridge.

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Waldport: On my way to visit a library, I was able to explore a little of Waldport and walked the Alsea Bay Bridge. The Historic Alsea Bay Bridge Interpretive Center was also cool to check out and learn more about it.

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Yachats: On my way to another library, I was quite taken in by the rolling waves and its crashing on the rocks. I enjoyed just walking around and seeing where the trails lead.

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Newport: Walking around Newport, I explored the Historic Bayfront district which had nice murals. And, I saw sea lions!

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I also happened upon Mombetsu Sister City Park.

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Sheridan: On my way home, I made a detour to check out a library and ended up walking another bridge. The tiny Sheridan Bridge crosses the South Yamhill River.

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On my last day at Sylvia Beach Hotel, I took a long walk from Nye Beach to Agate Beach, even walking barefoot on the way back.

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Getting to stay at Sylvia Beach Hotel and take in all the literary wonderfulness it had to offer, meeting kindred bookish people, exploring the Oregon coast, visiting libraries and bookstores, reading, writing, and just taking in some time to relax and enjoy nature, this trip was truly a highlight of my life and better than I could have imagined!

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