It was a pleasant train ride from the heart of New York City to Rochester, places all new to me. (You can read about that part of my trip here and the San Francisco part here.)

After getting settled in at my friends’ house, we decided to check out Equal Grounds, a coffee house that’s LGBTQ owned and operated. It was definitely a welcoming place and we sat there catching up and drinking chai. After all the walking around we did, this was a nice change.

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The next day, during my morning walk, I stopped by Edward E. Boynton House designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.

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I also stumbled upon a labyrinth, a kind that I’d never seen before. Instead of engraved on the ground, a path was made on the grass paved with rocks and stones.

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After joining up with my friend again, we walked Charlotte’s Pier. It was cool to see the expanse of Lake Ontario and knowing Canada was so near.

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Book related activities will be shared on a different post so stay tuned for that. But I was pleasantly surprised by how many cool things there was to see in Rochester. I honestly didn’t realize how rich of a history it had.

We stopped by Mount Hope Cemetery where we stopped by the graves of Frederick Douglass and Susan B. Anthony.

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We admired all the colorful art outside Bachelor Forum, the oldest gay owned and operated bar in Rochester. We thought this was where the Out Alliance was but clearly not. I’m glad we stopped by though.

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We eventually found our way to the Out Alliance. I love visiting places like this when I travel. There was such a great vibe and the space was being used.

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After a quick round of giant Jenga at a nearby joint, we headed to the library where my friend works, along the Erie Canal. I crossed the Fairport Lift Bridge because I love bridges so when there’s a bridge, I’m going to most likely walk it. It had a pretty cool design.

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For most of my vacation, the weather has been has been incredibly pleasant. The following day- and my last day of vacation- was a different matter. Rain arrived but it didn’t stop us from exploring some more bookstores and libraries.

From Castro to Stonewall, visiting gay-friendly places and seeing all the exhibits for the Stonewall Riot’s 50th anniversary, I have to say I was pleased how gay- in the best sense of the word- my trip was. I even ended up buying a rainbow flag at Equal Grounds!


There were some places I didn’t get to but that just meant I’d have to go back to Rochester again!

But, alas, all good things must come to an end. I was grateful to do so many things and spend some time with family and friends. This was a trip to remember for sure!

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