My friend and I are doing a fun #ReadingChallenge for #Pride month.

We’re trying to read as many #LGBTQ2SA+ books from the different categories we came up. And, we incorporated #BINGO into it so we win if we get 7 in a row- or a #RAINBOW. (We added some fun non-reading options, too.)

1. A book about Stonewall
2. Stonewall Award Winner
3. LAMBDA Award Winner
4. Classic Kids (MG or Picture Book)
5. Classic Teen
6. Classic Adult Fiction
7. Contemporary Kids (MG or Picture Book)
8. Contemporary Teen
9. Contemporary Adult Fiction
10. Contemporary Adult Nonfiction
11. Graphic Novel Kids (MG or Picture Book or YA)
12. Graphic Novel Adult
13. Play
14. Poetry
15. Set outside of North America/Europe
16. Genre Fiction (Kid or Adult)
17. Kid or Teen Nonfiction
18. Audio Book
19. Documentary
20. CD/ Album
21. Event
22. Biography/Memoir of Someone Living
23. Biography/Memoir of Someone Dead
24. GLAAD Media Winner

Our first assignment was to create our own game boards- designed any way we want and randomly generated with the center square a rainbow free space.

Join us if you’re interested and tag #ReadingTheRainbowBINGO!

Here’s my game board:


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