I can’t believe we’re halfway through the year. There’s been good days and bad days, for sure. And, I’m grateful for all the good things. And, I’ve been taking comfort in the saying that “This, too, shall pass.”

Of course, June was all about Pride. While I didn’t go to the Parade, I did try and support LGBTQ owned businesses. The big thing was doing the Reading the Rainbow BINGO with my friend. And I was glad to have completed it! I read some great books, watched some great shows and documentaries, and attended wonderful events.


I also completed my Jane Austen Reading Challenge.

I’m up to 185 hours of volunteering including helping out Write Around Portland at Oregon Public House again. And I reached my goal of folding 1,000 boxes for the Soul Box Project. I’m thinking of going for 2,000 including the ones I made last year and I’m currently at 1475 boxes.


I went to Hood River and visited bookstores and crossed off the library there for my Oregon Carnegie Libraries Challenge. While I’m only three away from completing it, this may actually be all that I can do since the rest are super far away.


I also visited The Bookmobile Babe, an up and coming literacy nonprofit in Portland, Oregon. They set up at a park to give books to kids- from babies to teens. I donated a couple of picture books because I’m always excited when people want to make the world better with books!


Speaking of donating books, I finally dropped off the books from my Birthday Book Drive to the Children’s Book Bank!

I also reached 200 likes on this blog’s Facebook page!

I’m up to 345 books read for 2019.

Reading Challenges Update:
-Agatha Christie titles- 20 out of 26
-Nonfiction Picture Books- 60 out of 104
-Middle Grade & Early Chapter- 28 out of 104

I’m looking forward to do a Mid-Year Review. I’m hoping it’ll give me a necessary kick in the pants since I like lists and I like being productive. I created a process for the journaling crowd that I’m excited to implement.


Some other things I’m looking forward to is that I booked a mini vacation during Fourth of July weekend and my work is celebrating 10 years!

What are your summer plans?

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