I recently went to the Oregon Coast again since I had a three-day weekend to celebrate the Fourth of July. While I shared the bookish aspects of that trip here, I wanted to talk about how much fun I had on the beaches and all the cool things I saw!

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Seaside really brought it with its Fourth of July festivities. I went to an old fashioned social and had a cheeseburger with chips, strawberry shortcake, listened to a band, and played bingo.

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I stayed at an interesting hostel. It was wonderfully located with some nice touches. I always think I’m used to staying at hostels but, once again, I’m reminded I’m not. I apparently roomed with the loudest snorer ever. Everything would be quiet and then it would sound like there was some sort of bear attack. Needless to say, I did not get any good nights of sleep. Fortunately I was binge-watching the latest season of Stranger Things!

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I walked along the Historical Seaside Promenade aka the Prom.

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I love finding “secret” places when I walk. I found Painted Rock Beach, a charming cozy hideaway.

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In Astoria, I stumbled upon the Garden of Surging Waves, a Chinese heritage park.

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Cannon Beach remains my favorite. I loved getting to walk along the beach and finally seeing Haystack Rock.

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I’ll be the first to admit I don’t really understand nature. I’ve heard of high tides and low tides before but didn’t really know how much of a difference they made. It was only coming back the next day did I see how much was hidden beneath the waves!

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I think it was my first time ever seeing tide pools. It was so great to see the different species living in them!

And, apparently, the other towering rock structures nearby are called The Needles.

Sadly, I may have been overeager to take pictures. Hopefully, I didn’t step on anything and hurt or damage them.

The last beach I went to was in Manzanita. I was impressed by how different all the beaches I’d gone to have been such different experiences from one another.

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It’s a great reminder that we must do our part to protect our planet because it’s the only one we have.

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