Thanks to Unleashing Readers and Teach Mentor Texts for this meme!

I was interviewed for Portland Monthly magazine back in December and the Spring 2022 issue was recently released. It’s been very flattering and humbling to have had this experience and to feel the positive feedback I’ve received from people about it. You can click the image to read the interview.pomo(The print magazine’s title has a less “Let’s punch Earl in the face” vibe to it than the online version’s.)

I was able to visit a new (to me) bookstore.

I got to visit some more labyrinths- and made a list of them!

I finished my Disney Challenge.

So far in 2022, I’ve read 182 books. The breakdown is:
4- Adult novels
1- Adult non-fiction
10- Graphic novels
26- Middle Grade novels (Goal: 52)
139- Picture Books and Board Books
2- Young Adult novels

of which
55- Nonfiction Picture Books (Goal: 104)
15- Audio Books

I’ve moved over to The StoryGraph to avoid the Amazon-owned Goodreads. It’s still a learning curve and it doesn’t have some of the convenience Goodreads offers but, at least, I’ve been reviewing again. I wish they included the covers.

You can view all my reviews over on The StoryGraph.

Thanks for visiting my blog. Happy Reading!

5 thoughts on “My Reading Week #IMWAYR- April 4, 2022 / My March Recap

  1. The picture and the interview are awesome, Earl! “Most beloved” is a ‘wow’ headline. Congratulations! I shared some of the same books today, but noted a few from you, too. Thanks very much! (Are you giving out autographs?)

  2. That article is just wonderful Earl! When I am next in Portland I will have to check out your bookstore.
    I am embarrassed to admit that I have never read a T.J. Klune novel. I just put a hold on this one. Happy reading this week.

  3. Earl, congratulations on such a fabulous article! I read through it, and you have excellent thoughts to share! And all of these books look fantastic—I noted a few that you and Linda Baie also read this week, and I will try to find those. Let’s Do Everything and Nothing and Sam Is My Sister both look great as well! Thanks so much for the wonderful post!

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