Commitment to Literacy: Picture Book It


I’m excited to Picture Book It in 2018 as part of my Commitment to Literacy challenge.

My main goal is to share and get as many of my stories out there through various channels while still trying to get traditionally published. I want to challenge myself to create at least one original story to readily share with others on a monthly basis. It’ll be like being in a year-long picture book making workshop.

I also want to invite as many people as possible to pick up and read a picture book again. I’ve been saying it for years now but we are in a golden age of children’s literature again. I’m always sad for adults (and even teens) who dismiss kids books as below their reading level or of a lower quality than what they would normally read. Or, because they don’t have children of their own or don’t work around them, they don’t give themselves a reason to read a picture book. They are missing out!

To address this issue, I will be doing a Picture Book of the Month spotlighting one title that I’m completely in love with. I’ll have multiple posts on this blog- and on the Facebook page– to celebrate that particular picture book.


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