The first half or so of June was tough. The weather here in Portland was downright wet and gloomy for the most part. I’m still adjusting to living with so many people and have been surprised to see what others level of cleanliness and responsibility are. And, to what may come as a surprise to anyone who knows I don’t like animals, I’ve been catsitting a couple of my housemates’ cat while they went to the mid-West. Now that they both have Covid, it doesn’t look like they’ll be home for another week or two. So, my life feels like it’s in this weird limbo.

The weather did change like a light switch when Summer (finally!) came. I loved getting to enjoy the sun. I even took one of my long somewhat ridiculous trips to visit Silverton- four buses, three hours, one way. You can read about my adventures there here.

I also did a somewhat fun, no-pressure Spring Bucket List and I completed most of it.


I did complete my Reading the Rainbow LGBTQ+ BINGO.


I’ve been trying The StoryGraph to avoid the Amazon-owned Goodreads but I may end up moving back after all for the convenience of just copy/pasting my book reviews and ratings onto my blog.

So far in 2022, I’ve read 311 books. The breakdown is:
9- Adult novels
5- Adult non-fiction
24- Graphic novels
45- Middle Grade novels (Goal: 52)
221- Picture Books and Board Books
7- Young Adult novels

of which
86- Nonfiction Picture Books (Goal: 104)
32- Audio Books

Now for the reviews…

I did read a few books to learn more Juneteenth. I recommend doing the same for next year.



You can view all my reviews over on The StoryGraph.

Thanks for visiting my blog. Happy Reading!


6 thoughts on “My Reading Week #IMWAYR- July 4, 2022 / My June Recap

  1. I’m sorry June was a tougher month for you, but I hope you get adjusted to living with housemates, and I hope you’re soon free of taking care of the cats! Your bucket list and bingo challenge both look wonderful, though. As for books, I haven’t had a chance to read The Best at It, but I’ve heard great things about it! I also really enjoyed My Rainbow as well. I haven’t read The Extraordinaries, but I’ve read one TJ Klune book I loved and another that didn’t quite meet my expectations, so I’m sorry you had a similar experience. Thanks so much for the wonderful post, Earl!

  2. Thank you for sharing your June list. I really like how you recorded it in your notebook. I love showing things like that to my students! I’m sorry about your cat sitting experience. I hope they come home soon.

  3. I only discovered TJ Klune and have become a fan. I haven’t read The Extraordinaries yet, but I liked the sweetness of Under the Whispering Door and The House in the Cerulean Sea. I haven’t been interested in reading romances of any kind and found I liked these.
    I agree with you about Eleanor Roosevelt. She was an amazing woman!
    I tried out Storygraph a while ago, and while I liked it well enough, it just didn’t work for me.

  4. I remember being stunned by standards of cleanliness in college. I thought my standards were low, but…
    Lots of really great books here for me to check out. I am glad that I stopped here (at little later in the week than I had hoped). Hope July is a better month than June. It is wet in my area of Western Canada, but we are thankful because it is holding the forest fire season at bay. Nice to see more of the sun though. Thanks for the post!

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